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Use code ONLINE5 for an extra 5% off your order

Crystal Chandelier Cleaner

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Easy and effective to use due to its high discharge, all angle jet spray, safe for all crystal & glass including windows and mirrors.

Although this is a safe household cleaner it may occasionally affect certain lacquers (for example the metal frame of the light fitting), always test on an inconspicuous area before applying.

Directions For Use:

1. Turn off power supply to chandelier at the mains. We would also recommend the crystal / glass to be cold and not in direct sunlight before starting.

2. Place an absorbent cloth (for example a towel), or newspaper under area to be cleaned.

3. Shake can well before use.

4. Break transit seal by pushing down firmly on activator bar.

5. Spray generously from the bottom of the fitting in an upwards direction until all surfaces are dripping wet, as the solution drips, it should remove dust and dirt from the crystal.

6. Allow to dry completely before blotting up and accumulation of liquid on flat or cupped surfaces. If there is still a film on the crystal, a dry cloth should remove.

Allow to dry completely and make sure chandelier is thoroughly dry before switching the electricity supply back on. A second application may be required for extremely soiled fittings.